a slow burn

January 30, 2008 at 11:43 pm (anti-oppression, middle east, palestine)

today i heard on democracy now that bush just authorized for federal  intelligence agencies (nsa) to monitor internet and email of federal agencies.  slowly. slowly they will make it legal to spy on all of us all the time.  i know that sounds paranoid.  but its like israel.  they do just enough that they can get away with.  slowly. slowly. and a couple of months later, they do just a little bit more illegal and make it legal.  and we dont see it day by day.  like living in palestine watching israel take palestinian land slowly slowly.  painstaking.   but every year palestinian territory shrinks.  wasnt malcolm x who said something like : you cant have freedom without land.



  1. darkdaughta said,

    I don’t think you’re being paranoid…not even slightly. They do encroach in increments so that if anyone should cry wolf, they end up looking extreme and paranoid. This isn’t theory, they do sit behind closed doors and try to find ways to slip stuff by us so that we only find out about parts of it later on in the(ir) news. Sad. Scary.

  2. dark lily said,

    it is sad. and scary. and it is exhausting watching them slowly taking away our dignity and our lives.

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