hiatus part 2

August 6, 2008 at 1:45 pm (Uncategorized)

ok i know i said that i was on hiatus from the rotl blog.  and i am, but over the weekend i was thinking about this hiatus and wanted to add something.  which is, that i started this blog as a way to communicate with and support women of color globally.  they were my primary audience.  i invited other people to this blog as well, but i saw these other people primarily as being peripheral.  marginal to my intention and means of co-creating a space where i could explore issues that pertain to women of color.

i have several reasons for putting this blog to bed, so to speak.  one of which is that more and more it felt like white folks were feeling as if they should directly or indirectly  control the discourse of my work.  that white folks felt that their concerns should be more central to the issues and communities i was exploring.  i am a writer.  a cultural worker.  a revolutionary.  a witch.

i have created other spaces, ie my list serve, in which i make my white audiences central.  i am very aware when i write in that space who i am writing to and why.  this is the reason that, with only a couple of exceptions, what i send on the list serve and what i post here are different.
in co-creating culture there is a difference between the periphery and the center.  the center is the guide and the focus.  the periphery is the witness.

this weekend, someone said to me: i dont read your blog.  i wanted to tell him: thank you.  if you read it and you enjoy it, maybe learn something about me and the world…great.  if you dont enjoy it, or dont care, or would rather wash your dog…great.

the people for whom this blog is written, woc, do read this blog and we are co-creating community slowly and surely.

i am a writer.  a cultural worker.  a revolutionary.  a witch.

oh and to any of the fam: i worked as a professional vocalist and performer for most of my early twenties before going to palestine.  i ran production companies, music venues, and went on tour.  i take my music seriously the same way that other people take their work or sports seriously.  and you cant pigeon hole me or my tastes.  my taste in music is excellent.  it runs from ani di franco to aesop rock from nina simone to  to jimi hendrix to jean grae.

id rather listen to t n a songs rather than  songs about lynchings.  and id rather listen to songs about t n a rather than how many of my friends in the middle east ought to be annihilated.  futk
freedom.  understanding.  truth.  knowledge.

there now i can go on hiatus with a clean heart.

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