what and why is revolution of the lilies

revolution of the lilies, the blog, is focused on women of color.

and their revolution.

and my experience with women of color globally.  and the issues they have taught me to care about.  especially how we make connections with each other, with the earth, with words, how we create community.  how we experience the world.

our diversity.

our poetry.

our vision.

it comes from the new testament text about jesus looking out into the world and saying: look at the lilies of the field.  they neither toil nor spin.

but the universe provides.

i believe that for us– we must believe in grace.  of some sorts.  in order to make sense of how we survive.  considering that according to all the dogma of the day we dont exist.

we survive.

and even more miraculously.

we thrive.

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  1. lacey said,

    hi, i read yr blog when i can and get a lot out of it. here is this zine project i am working on, perhaps you care to write for it? Lacey

    Seeing yr Ex everywhere got you down?
    Dismayed by activist lipservice?
    Searching for creative forms of accountability while you need space from certain people?
    Lets explore it!

    In the spirit of the zines: Support, and The Revolution Starts At Home, Please Contribute to a Project in paper form about Sharing Space in our Complex “Communities” and Networks. We want to collect stories, mapping, and pictures on our ideas and experiences on what it looks like to navigate our lives and geographies while we are trying to avoid people who cause us harm- be it in intimate relationships, organizing, our schools, and anywhere.

    It just seems like there is not really a framework for figuring out the space sharing and in so many social and organizing situations we are always dealing with either how to support people in the middle of this, or wondering if You Know Who will be there so should we even go?

    How do we figure out sharing space when: We play the role of The Survivor?
    We are BFFs with someone who is a Survivor of some things and meanwhile others don’t feel safe around them?
    We play the role of The Person Who Fuked Up Big Time And Is Learning?
    The Person Who Fuked Up Big Time And Pretends To Be Learning But Is Not Really?
    What about when yr BFF organizes with people who chill with them?

    We welcome insight from Bystanders of all levels.
    Lets figure this bizniz out!

    please get in touch n pls forward. goes thru summer 09. fairisfair@gmail.com

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