July 29, 2008 at 3:35 pm (Uncategorized)

First, I will argue for a replacement view of American history that rejects the inevitability of a white majority population, the sanctity of the presently configured borders of the U.S.A., and reject any notion of a white working class whose interests are special or distinctive for being white.

Second, I shall vigorously critique the emphasis given to “white-skin privilege” as the dominant characteristic in the conceptualizing of the oppression of so-called “peoples of color” in the U.S., and for its odious contribution to reinforcing white chauvinism within the U.S. left and working-class by delimiting the struggle of “oppressed nationalities” (what I prefer to call so-called “peoples of color”) to the goal of integration (with the white oppressor nation).

Third, I reject the dominance, centering, emphasis or assumed leadership of any struggles for revolutionary change in the U.S.A. to be based upon whites or white workers.

Thus the white integrationist-white chauvinist plagued Left has disregarded the importance of building and leading “nationality-in-form” formations, such as oppressed nationality student unions, militant community forces, independent cultural institutions, and the creative labor formations that elevate the role and leadership of oppressed nationality workers. The U.S. left has given scant emphasis upon the struggle to force the U.S. government to honor all treaties made with the Native nations, fighting for national rights, self-government, return of stolen lands and resources, reparations and the dismantling and eradication of all vestiges of white settler-colonialism, including the hegemony of classical music orchestras, white mythologies in education and scholarship, and even the notion of a white identity.

As part of upholding national self-determination, the U.S. left, in engendering the multiplicity of national liberation struggles, would support the dismantling and reconfiguration of the U.S. national borders should the struggle of oppressed nations culminate in forms of independence, autonomy or new federation relations. Asian Americans, for example, in the oppressed nation of Hawaii must choose between siding with the Yankee oppressor nation/identity or with being part of the oppressed Hawaiian nation: electing to identify as “I’m kanaka maoli (Hawaiian) of Japanese descent,” (or whatever new appellation is created in which immigrants to the Hawaiian nation explicitly identify with the Hawaiian nation and not with the Yankee nation-state, for example). A white person must proclaim, “I am a new Afrikan of European descent” or a “Xicano of European descent”, should they reside in what is now Mississippi or Texas, respectively.

Whites must recognize that they owe no special allegiance to white anything, including even the privileged view that the primary role of white leftists or white anti-racists is to concentrate in white communities. Whites have no entitlement to monopolize anything, EVEN THE DRAGS OF ORGANIZING WORK! The best way to “unlearn” whiteness (and be a true race traitor!) is to for people of European descent in the U.S.A. to give their all in exactly the same way as oppressed nationality freedom fighters: liberate stolen and occupied lands, return of resources and wealth, reparations, and to build a new society that will certainly mean the destruction of the U.S.A. as it has historically been constructed and construed, and the coming-into-being of voluntarily-associated liberated peoples and societies.


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