chicago politics and a presidential candidate

July 14, 2008 at 8:37 am (Uncategorized)

so i recently moved to chicago.  we rented a lil apartment in nw.  really, this is exciting.  there are boxes everywhere in the apartment.  used furniture.  random half finished projects milling about on the carpet.  i am in love with our lil place.  and the new yorker just published an article on obama and his chicago political style back in the day.  check it out.  i learned alot about ‘chicago politics’ and how obama worked it.  reminds me that i could never have been a politician.  even though i had dreams of it.  i have a heart.

it is also why i never would have made a really good salesperson.  i always want to give someone what they need.  and not what i want.  but god, this is the fascinatingly corrupt and realpolitick city in which i live.  this is power politics in the 21st century.

so if anyone in chicago who is cool is looking for someone else who is cool, hit me up.  we could be cool together.


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  1. jdick said,

    hey Im cool and you seem cool too. lets be cool together.
    and sorry i got back to you a little late. I was out of town and have been hella busy. where are you living at specifically? i live in pilsen on 19th and damen, but we could meet halfway for coffee.

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