transnational feminism

July 8, 2008 at 11:04 pm (anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-sexism, women of color)

tanglad writes about the womens desk….

The book Scattered Hegemonies: Postmodernity and Transnational Feminist Practices by Inderpal Grewal and Caren Kaplan has helped me tremendously in focusing my feminism. I don’t worry about what the authors term as “a theory of hegemonic oppression under a unified category of gender.” Instead, as an activist interested in the gendered and racialized foundations of globalization, I’ve adopted the framework of transnational feminism, which:

must also find intersections and common ground; but they will not be utopian or necessarily comfortable alliances. New terms are needed to express the possibilities for links and affiliations, as well as differences among women who inhabit different locations. Transnational feminist activism is one possibility. (Kaplan, page 116, emphasis mine)’

i am really glad to have found this term: transnational feminism.  because this is part of the vision revolution of the lilies.  the theoretical part.  how exciting…i love relevant theory.


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  1. tanglad said,

    Scattered Hegemonies was published a while ago, so there are parts that I’m re-thinking. But it’s still one of my “a-ha!” books. I appreciated how the volume incorporates essays on non-western cultural forms and recognizes the interconnectedness of various struggles.

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