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June 24, 2008 at 7:05 pm (anti-racism) ()

so right now we are in chicago after spending a couple of weeks in northern va.  being in chicago is strange after all this time.  so much of it i associate with the fucked up organization: cpt.  i dont write about them much because i dont like to dwell on the past or on fucked up shit, but that org is based in chicago and i spent alot of my time in chicago the past few years dealing with them.

cpt stands for christian peacemaker teams.

yes, i once belonged to an organization with such a dorky name.

so why the hell am i writing about them now?  well, a few months ago they invited me to apply for the ‘antiracism consultant’ position for cpt.  which i foolishly did.  and then they rudely abruptly told me that i was not ‘independent and objective’ enough to be the consultant.  i am posting the rejecting letter here:

From: Sylvia Morrison <>
To: mai’a <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 10:02:26 PM
Subject: Re: Undoing Racism Consultant

DIV { MARGIN:0px;}

Maia Williams Carpenter

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, MX

February 22, 2008

Dear Ms. Williams Carpenter:

Thank you for your interest in serving Christian Peacemaker Teams, again, this time as an anti-racism consultant. We greatly appreciate your interest and commitment to undoing racism wherever possible.

It is our top priority to select an independent, objective consulting team who best matches the skills and experience required to guide CPT in an extensive audit, strategic planning and practice transformation so that we can be best equipped to undo our organization’s internal racism. While we were impressed with your breadth of experience and unwavering commitment to peacemaking, after careful consideration by our committee we have decided to pursue other options for this contractual position.

We appreciate your interest in seeing CPT better reflect the reign of God, and we pray God’s best for you in your endeavors.


Hiring Committee


frankly, i have no interest in the ‘reign of god’ or whatever other hocus pocus that they conjure.  and they did not hire anyone else.  they have just kept looking.  for 6 months.  ya know how anti-racism takes a long time when you are looking for the easy way out.

a friend asked me if i thought that white orgs can change a few weeks ago as she was trying not to discuss the fact that she belongs to this piece of shite org.

if i had been accepted, this article would have been a great inspiration: raising minority graduation rates

to quote: “If there is a single factor that seems to distinguish colleges and universities that have truly made a difference on behalf of minority students, it is attention,” Carey says. “Successful colleges pay attention to graduation rates. They monitor year-to-year change, study the impact of different interventions on student outcomes, break down the numbers among different student populations, and continuously ask themselves how they could improve. Essentially, they apply the academic values of empiricism and deep inquiry to themselves.”

crazy, huh?

it doesnt require independence or objectivity

it requires attention and deep inquiry

and it is possible.


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