feminist islam

May 17, 2008 at 3:51 am (Uncategorized)

Azizah al Hibri (left, photo M. Fahsi) and Asma Lamrabet (photo ©)
14 May 08 – Islam is a victim of patriarchal interpretations of the Koran which date back to bygone days and don’t correspond to the original egalitarian message. This is the concept promoted by two Muslim experts, one a Moroccan and the other American Lebanese who are examining the condition of women in Islam

Magda Fahsi/Human Rights Tribune, Brussels – « It has become banal to present Islam as one of the main brakes on modern day life, on women’s rights. The result is that we Muslim women spend our time justifying ourselves and covering ourselves in confusion about the situation of Muslim women whether in Nigeria, Sudan or Afghanistan”. Asma Lamrabet, doctor in the children’s hospital in Rabat, Morocco, co coordinator of a group of research and reflection on Muslim women and author of books on this issue willingly criticises the “simplistic media political” debate of some in the West, prompt to call Islam “retrograde” and to say that “the Muslim woman has become a cultural icon of oppression in the name of religion”.


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