hiring the dangerous

May 6, 2008 at 5:56 am (anti-racism)

When i first read this i was a little shocked.  I guess that makes me a minority in the african american public.  But I wanted to sit back and cry a little.  Really?  Really?  Sometimes I think that I understand racism and then I read another statistic another study another story and I realize that there is something more insiduous than just stereotypes and ignorance and us vs. them involved in racism.  So you’d rather hire a white criminal than a black man?   I wish I could see a study that compared black women to black men in hiring practices.  I know that there is a general idea that black women are more socially acceptable among whites than black men.  I dont believe it.  But I would like to see the numbers.  Oh and check out the study in this article in the UK.  This is a reflection of immigration and race.  And in this way the States is different than alot of Western countries in that the majority of blacks in the States are not recent immigrants but descendents of slaves.  But I like to keep my eye out for European racism and how it moves.  How it slivers.

Her results were disturbing: A white man with a criminal record was slightly more likely to be considered for a job than a black man with no criminal past.

“These results did not surprise the African American public,” Pager said. “However, most white Americans believe that this level of discrimination is a thing of the past, and that’s simply not the case.” Pager said this institutionalized discrimination is particularly dangerous because barriers to legitimate employment make it more likely that young men will turn to, or return to, a life of crime.


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