doll test

April 24, 2008 at 11:09 pm (anti-racism)

I would be really interested to see the results of a similar doll test done in various countries of Africa.  I am wondering if the black children would still choose the white doll for all the positive words.  I know people are supposed to be outraged by the results of the doll test.  But I am not.  We are constantly surrounded by the association of white with good and pretty.  I remember it growing up with my white best friend who reiterated that Black was negative, dirty, unfavorable.  Honestly I cant imagine that alot of people in the black community in the States could be surprised by the results.  I wonder if in the eastern Congo little kids would rather play with the white doll than the black one.  How deep is global racism?

And then thinking about raising a daughter in this pernicious culture.  I remember coming out of toddlerhood and into elementary school (predominantly white) and realizing early on that my parents did not understand the social rules that we lived by in school.  It felt like there was one set of rules inside my home and a completely different set in school.  And that it was important that I know which rules applied to which situation.

And when it came to rules around race, the rules in school were that white was better than black.  prettier than black.  more appealing than black.  But, haha!, I had a natural curiosity and genius and even though my teachers treated whites as if they were smarter than black, I was determined that I was smarter than anyone, white or black.  Looking back I can see how that sometimes caused resentment in my teachers who became miffed when I outshone their chosen favorites.  But I didnt care.
Well, flash forward and I am now a mother and I hope my daughter is steeped in the beauty of dark baby dolls and dark skin people.  I hope that at the ages when I was becoming so aware of the social hierachy  she sees that beauty is real, beauty is important, and beauty is  goodness is truth and even white supremacy cannot destroy beauty.


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