oprah: black women and politics and gratitude

April 21, 2008 at 10:13 pm (anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-sexism, women of color)

So it turns out that Michelle Obama has an edge, something like a chip on her shoulder.  She has that Black woman problem.  In the way that she expresses herself…it is something.  Cause black women need to be careful how they express themselves or else they might appear to have an ‘attitude’ or be ‘angry’.  It is something in her personality, she is not as relatable as she could be.

My contention is that any Black woman who enters politics is going to have this stereotype attached to her.  Especially if she is dark skin and successful.  Name a Black American woman who is a face in politics who does not have this ‘personality’ problem…

Not even Oprah can pull it off.  Not even Oprah can back Obama without losing favor with white folks.

Mainstream white folks love us black folks as long as we are grateful for how much they love us.  They will support us, praise our intelligence, our generous hearts, our insight, our talents but we must always make sure that we are as grateful as they want us to be.  In other words, when white folks feel that their self-interests are being threatened by Blacks, they call in all that support they have given to their Black friends, because it is time for Blacks to step up, support whites and act grateful.

And Black women carry all the stereotypes of women plus all the stereotypes of blacks.  so they are angry, irrational,  uneducated, bitter, resentful, lazy, hypersexual, etc.  And even if the woman presents herself as educated, calm, rational, hard-working, sexually responsible…most whites are constantly looking for the ‘real’ black woman to reveal herself.  And the second that she smirks, rolls her eyes, stumbles while talking, expresses anger, presses her lips together, misspeaks, makes a mistake, etc.  most white people nod their heads in recognition that the ‘real black woman’ is finally coming out.  In other words white folks are looking for, waiting for the stereotype to become real and see the overwhelming evidence that denies the veracity of the stereotype as window-dressing.

I mean just look at what happened to McKinney.  Thank god for the Green Party.


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