in mexico dreaming of cuba

February 10, 2008 at 7:55 pm (cuba) (, , )

today is beautiful warm with a sky blue sky and cotton clouds. it is as if winter broke and let spring in for a bit. and i would love to visit cuba before castro kicks it. cause it is scary to think of what will happen to that lil island when the u.s. moves from guantanamo to the entire island. plus i have empathy for castro. i mean he is paranoid, and people are out to get him…alot of vets are like that.
http://groups. group/CubaNews
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(“He does not wish to remember that Mexico was robbed of more than 50 percent of its territory in a war of conquest, and he would like nobody to recall that on the Berlin Wall, during its almost 30 years of existence, less people died trying to gain access to the “Free World” than Latin Americans are dying today –no less than 500 each year–trying to cross the border in search of employment, with no Adjustment Act to grant them privileges and motivation as it does for Cuban citizens. The numbers of illegal immigrants arrested and traumatically deported every year totals in the hundreds of thousands.”
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(“After mentioning Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, he states: “And that is why, for the security of America and the peace of the world, we are spreading the hope of freedom (…) In Afghanistan, America, our (…) NATO allies and 15 partner nations are helping the Afghan people defend their freedom and rebuild their country.”(“He makes no mention whatsoever that this was exactly what the USSR tried to do when it occupied the country with its powerful armed forces that ended up defeated in the clash with that country’s different customs, religion and culture, independent of the fact that the Soviets had not gone there to conquer raw materials for their great capital and that a socialist organization that never did any harm to the United States attempted to change the course of the nation in a revolutionary manner.”
(“There is a historical fact here: in the days of the Shah, Iran was the best armed power in the region. When the Revolution triumphed in that country, led by the Ayatollah Khomeini, the United States encouraged Iraq and provided support for the invasion. That was the beginning of a conflict which cost hundreds of billions and untold numbers of dead and maimed, and today is being justified as part of the cold war.”)


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