December 25, 2007 at 7:42 pm (chiapas)

so we went to go see marcos speak a couple of weeks ago.  subcomandante marcos.  some cuban guys spoke.  and naomi klein.

a friend described marcos as a comic book character.  with his mask and his pipe.  if he aint speaking he is smoking a pipe.  i dont know how his lungs can handle it.

another friend asked me why did i think that marcos had said that he was the supreme commander of the army…i dont know.  maybe making marcos as the head of the army is a way of saying that there is no army.   especially if you view marcos as a comic book character.

and so right again i find myself in the midst of the violence vs nonviolence argument when dealing with the zapatistas and why i lend support to them.  i think that the definition of violence is relative and so we must find what is the least violent way of living in the world.  and sometimes, often, the choices that are available are all evil.  because i think it is evil to allow a community of people and families and generations and culture and history and language to die because you werent willing to defend them.  being a witness to tragedy can be a very violent stance to take.


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