supporting palestinian women

October 21, 2007 at 5:14 pm (palestine, Uncategorized)

angry arab: More Arab women are killed annually by Israeli occupation forces than those who die from FGM and “honor” crimes combined. Yet, Western feminists don’t seem to care for the victims of Israeli violence. If you set up an organization in the Arab world to advocate against FGM, millions in US/Europe/UN aid will come your way. And if you set up an organization to advocate against Israeli killing of Palestinian women and children, the organization will be immediately added to the list of terrorist organizations.

wow i didnt know this statistics.  although it is definitely true that the west is obsessed with seeing arab women as victims.  i mean people act as if we went to afghanistan to liberate the women from burkas.  ‘those poor women’.  how does the israeli occupation effect the west bank women?  affect palestinian women?  


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