incite! conference in denver october 5-7

October 21, 2007 at 5:13 pm (anti-oppression, anti-sexism, women of color)

so yeah…this post is really late and there is plenty i can write about from the past month.  right now i am in san cristobal , chiapas.  which is sunny and colorful eclectic patterns of decoration, an old colonial city.  i am sitting in the computer lab with a cd playing that must be an ode to marijuana.  but it was a long trip before i got here and i want to share some of the highlights and insights.

 the incite conference in denver:

such an incredible healing space to be in.  strong conscious women of color envisioning empowering inspiring each other to continue the work against violence.  i need to go to conferences more often that inspire and touch me in such deep and open places.  the best workshop was the last one i went to : revolutionary motherhood.  sitting in a room of women and children brainstorming en-visioning imagining what a revolutionary motherhood looks like.  diverse ideas came acrosss:  all motherhood is revolutionary, to have more faith in your intuition than the enemies plan for your body and your children…and my favorite from an 11yearold boy: my mother is revolutionary when she shows me affection in public.  (YEAH my heart melted a little.  i kinda fell in love with that kid)  we ended by talking about women of color as midwives and doulas and how important to stop the violence and sexual assault that happens daily in birth rooms.  how to become doulas and be a network of revolutionary doulas.

i also heard from red women power: first nations women speaking from their heart as they posit themselves in the intersection between the ancestors the spirit and the future generations.  sharing their life stories of being in american indian movement –all of these women were mothers as well–and lovers and grandmothers—

and i began the conference struggling with transfolk on what does incite! an organization for women color who identify as women of color 24-7, mean to gender queer and trans community.  how does incite! hold itself as a woman of color space and be trans-inclusive…well i can say that after they have been struggling with this question with transcommunity some of the practical changes i can see in the organization: all of incite! literature includes transfolk as well as woc…workshop on transidentity and community…a working document on incite! relationship with transfolk…and an organizational acknowledgement that one of the areas that definitely overlap for woc and trans antiviolence movement is REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE…

but i still wonder if ´woman´as a social category has more privilege than ´trans´ can incite ethically consider itself a social justice organization if it is centered around a privileged ´woman´identity…i would like to see incite! engage this question more.  i need it to. 

i also want to give props to young women united who drove to denver from albuquerque with lots of babies and children and mamas and filled the atmosphere of the conference with the sweet mamam milk and hugs and laughter and chaos of a revolucion dulce.  they were whom i  identified most at the conference.  especially when the organizers of the conference decided that one of the receptions should be in a bar that does not allow children…i hope that the next conference is organized around mama na toto as the center and not see mamas and their children and the youth as marginal to the conference.  especially since we are the ones who take on the brunt of the antiwoman violence…

this conference though reaffirmed for me the central role that reproductive justice and childbirth must play in any radical revolutionary movement.  and plus i  picked up a hot tshirt…i agree with mandisa (n.o. incite!) it is time that we brought sexy back to activism.



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