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July 19, 2007 at 7:10 am (africa, anti-oppression, middle east)

people around the world had dreams for israel.  a place where refugees would find a home just as jews had been able to find a home after the holocaust.  and now there is another genocide and the reaction from the israeli government is dismal dismissive hypocritical.  how do these sudanese refugees damage israeli security?  threaten israeli security?  and what does this article mean to ‘cater’ to the needs of the refugees?  i know that this could be framed as a minor issue…but when is genocide a minor issue?  especially to israel?  but maybe i am thinking of the ideals of a nation and not its policy.  and no nation follows its ideals.  it is all advertising and window dressing.  i have experienced israeli racism firsthand.

and i cant help to wonder if israel is also selling arms to sudan.  i know that israel has sold weapons to other heinous african conflicts.  ahhhh….israel.  the land that believes it invented the falafel.



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