i wanted to be strong for her

June 11, 2007 at 9:21 am (poetry)

i wanted to be strong for her

dredlocked witch

waxy brown skin

sidewalk palm reader closing down

for the night

she held my palm

said that it was difficult for me

to make committments

and not to go home with that man

across the street

but i wanted to prove

that i could take care of myself

i asked how did she do it

see into someone’s heart

with a glance

she said to worship the orisha

the dead and the everlasting

i needed to have strong faith

you think i should take it as a compliment

his crime of passion

perhaps in another life time

we could have been lovers

but in this lifetime

i am enraged scared

trying not to panic

acrid stairs

all i see are the orisha

nodding their heads

and pointing south

i am a bruja by fire

she is kneeling at her altar

we are chosen

we are not made

you asked me:

was it worth it?

yes it was worth holding onto my life

not the martyr beneath the blade

nor the handle of the knife

i am the tree in the window

swinging against the glass

i am a bird without feathers

flying to the border


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