animals and protein

January 15, 2007 at 8:55 pm (Motherhood, Uncategorized)

oh. and i still believe after 7 months of pregnancy that the most important thing is that you listen to your body as much as possible. your body will tell you what you need when. and then you dont have to follow a bunch of outside dogma expectations guidelines etc. if you need protein, your body will tell you. yoga, journaling, dancing, music, meditation, laughter, a good cry, anger, etc. your body will tell. the longer i am pregnant, the more i am learning to trust the animal that i am…



  1. Wetlinger said,

    HEY, it’s MLK day and we all know old MLK likes to have a wild and kinky on the road. Hoover had his rooms bugged, well that wad wrong, but it sure gave us an insight to old MLK’s perversions and he liked him some prostitutes. Stripping wasn’t as socially accepted back then, but it was the same thing, he liked a white prostatoad romping around the room. Yeah, MLK was big on taking trips all around the country, and we all know a TRIP is a good PIECE away from Home and his “4 Little Children” that he dreamed about so often.

  2. revolutionofthelilies said,

    dear wetlinger,

    you are irrelevant.

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