she fights

November 2, 2006 at 6:26 pm (anti-sexism, palestine, women of color)


She Fights




Give boys

Real guns

And plastic confidence

Give Israeli girls 3 free abortions

If they join the army

Give the poor a free bloody degree

If they commit treason against brown people

Give mothers a phone call

And dog tags

And call it even

Give the people something to believe in

They can’t see they’ve all stopped breathing



In this final hour

The rich hide like the wizard of oz

And the poor have no escape

The yellow brick road was looted in the riots

Dorothy has bare feet


Show me one girl who is willing to be free

And I’ll show you a hundred skulls of girls

Who were willing to believe



Trying to save a sister whose sisters have all fled

Ramadan nothing

But bread and water

In bed headaches


Ovarian pains

War inside her body


Some days her migraines weak

She takes 2 cabs evades flying Israeli

Checkpoints to see me



I eat oranges taste like onions

She drinks water taste like oceans

Teaches me the Arabic mosaic

She speaks


I get headaches too

When I drift into memory

Of guns pointed at children

At a war that never ceases



I was driving home last week

In Chicago

Part of town where people

Can’t afford to sleep

And saw police stop a group of brown boys

Walking with baggy jeans

Put them up against the car

Patted down

Fingers caressing pistol


Pull your shirt up

Any weapons

Give me your I.D.

Don’t talk

Don’t look up

This is a stick up

You better give up

Your pride

She knows how to fight

Even with a headache

She reminds me,

‘When the meek finally inherit the earth

Lets make sure it is a paradise

Worthy of their life’



We are killing her slowly boldly

Enfolding on her body



I can’t speak for the voiceless

Because I no longer weep

She doesn’t want a peace

Where she still isn’t allowed to scream


The television hums CNN in the background

Blue light flickering with red white sound

White man in the Middle East

Talking about conditions on the ground

And a flag swings across the screen

Like a noose


Dividing Dorothy from the American dream



Some say that the personal is political

Since we keep letting the winners

Make the borders

The political is just ridiculous


This ideal this noose

She’s hanging like strange fruit

To ripe for tongue


Smiles through headache

Her eyes blink I feel earthquakes

Under oriental sun

Palestinian feminist reaching for a gun


Any revolution that censors the heart

From speaking

Lungs from breathing

Can never endure her


She moves like planets

Flying causes gravity

Rotation revolution

Worthy of more than a domesticated

Jail cell


Presented on cameras and television

The Revolution’s arrested

And she is tired of paying bail


Some say that the personal is political

Since we keep letting the winners

Make the borders

The political is just ridiculous


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  1. a.c. said,

    this is truly fantastic! thanks for giving me the link to your blog.
    yours in love and struggle,

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