day of the dead

November 2, 2006 at 5:28 pm (democratic republic of congo, Motherhood, women of color)

1. yesterday and today i marked playing cards for divination.  decorated the cardboard playing card box in duct tape stickers and clear acrylic paint.  they predict happiness for me.
2. as long as there are women and colors there will be hope.

3. good combinations:  knitting and watching youtube; roses and halloween; orange juice and soymilk; peanut butter and honey; yoga and chocolate.  i love the process of domestication i am engaging in.  soft wild fur.  warm breath of contentment.
4. a friend calls herself a wolf mother.  i feel profoundly mammalian recently. i have a new body.  i am beginning to look pregnant.  i feel like a wolf for the first time in my life.

5. i miss the congo.  everyday i look at the photograph that esperanza gave me.  she and i and about 6 other women sitting in front of the red cross building in uvira a year ago.  i light candles for these ministers wives living in a war zone most of the world ignores.


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