butterfly riot

November 2, 2006 at 5:33 pm (anti-oppression, democratic republic of congo, middle east, poetry, women of color)

Butterfly Riot


Not allowed to defend


Throwing rocks

At fenced wells

Watching gold butterfly

Lingering over sand pools

Quickly evaporating

No water

For thirsty

Except in jail

Majority breathes

Air that’s indigo soot

Shit stained back streets

And broken butterfly dreams

Speak history from dominant revisions

Plantation textbooks

Written in masters religion

Encaged in global genocide

Can’t hold us down

Can’t afford to hide

From suffering mama’s corn-rowed mind

We walk down the street

See who’s been left behind

Hearts encased in tanned hide

Protecting lungs

From crack filled highs

From black Jim lies

To gun gang strife

From revolutionary dreams

To jury and judiciaries

Pick us up we’re hurting

Each of us

Only got one heart


Every assumption


Each other grabbing

Crumbs under a table

While mama

Rocking a rich man’s cradle

Telling African

Childhood fables

There is no real difference

Between assimilation and apartheid


Marketing inversions

To destroy middle

Capitalism’s success

We mend a boat

To pick up

The bereft


Reaching for the dessicated

Dehydrated dream

Inside yellow butterflies

Exo-skeletal chest

Don’t offer us

Another way

Of dying died too

Many times before

Demarking conversions

To destroy middle

Passage conquest


The village children

And I throw crumbled newspaper

Off the mountains

To see what happens

‘How come they don’t understand

That they can’t have such large families

And be liberated?’

A moth floats by and blurs

Our vision just one more

For the revolution


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