black dot

November 2, 2006 at 6:23 pm (anti-oppression, middle east, palestine, poetry, west bank)

Black Dot



All they have left

Is their nightmares

Their dreams

Keep me wondering

Is this what a war means

If survival is worth bombs falling


Slumbering weak


Palestine heartache

Prayer to shaheed gods


Make this war end


Its going to take resurrection

Sin no escape

Miracles too late

But clocks haven’t stopped ticking


But medicine is illegal

I’m a witness

Can’t write about war,

A color-blind pigeon


I want justice

India ink dove


I could take the heartache

And run because its too much

Just to march to death beats


But my friends disappear in hell

Drink water and tea

And tell me

‘We’re just looking for something

To believe in

A piece of land

To build and dream in’


Evening call to pray

Drifts into the window

From a million star particles away

Get down on my knees

Smell powder

Lay awake for hours

Scratching out my heart disease



I’m not the only one awake

Only one that’s angry

Only one that thinks

Fighters are dreamers

Who dream

With bodies

On front lines of fear

Eternal black dot on a yin/yang symbol

Fists in the air

Survival is worth whatever war brings


Jesus resurrecting

His friends mourning

His demise

God shaheed

Asks me


If you aren’t outside the green line

Then where are you?


You think that palestinians and israelis

Don’t understand each other


They understand each other


Killing over land and water

Cash and barter


You don’t think you understand


But you do


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