curiosity me first

September 18, 2006 at 2:49 am (anti-racism, racism)

so i said ‘yes’ to going to the undoing racism training in chicago.  i am not sure why i said yes except that i am very curious about what is going to be presented.  and yes curiosity killed the cat but ive got 9 lives and got to use them up some how.

and plus i wanted to see some friends.

i also realized that that i love my live.  not because it is fabulous.  it isnt.  but because it is precious.  a little sappy…okay…lets just say that my life to me is a highly valuable process.  and a lot of fun.  and the whole idea of being ‘that white chick’ while i may not have the energy to perform it for three days at an undoing racism workshop, would make an excellent 3 minute performance piece.  or better yet a zine.

when you are kicked out of a country and have to start your life back over again, i think it is a good idea to do what you love the for the most part.  all of those you’s are addressed to me…first.  me first…did i mention that i am most likely having an aries child?


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