a debt paid in full

September 9, 2006 at 7:03 pm (anti-oppression, anti-racism, cuba, latino, orisha)

In the end, what’s most important is that those that come into Orisa culture never ever try to push Africans to the back of their own bus. It doesn’t matter when or how they arrive home, it’s still their house and the fact that anyone knows the address is the result of THEIR Ancestors, as they made the home available to non-family in the first place.

African never abandoned their culture. They practiced what they could when they could, based on where they were. When they could, they passed it along to others, including non-Africans. Because they gave their culture to non-Africans, even as they chose to continue to enslave them, these non-Africans are obligated to share Orisa with the offspring of Africa whenever they arrive at their doorstep.

This reciprocation makes any “debt” owed by African-Americans paid in full.


Lastly, if the African-Americans and Latinos (no matter what color) are ever going to get beyond historical, racial and political differences – they must first admit that these differences exist and talk them out – better yet – sit on the mat and divine, together, to determine unbiased and ethical solutions that will protect the interestes of all Orisa worshippers.


we are all the lighter and darker shades of black.  those of us who still worship the black goddess.  




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  1. brotherpeacemaker said,

    Too many of us (children of Africa, Latinos, etc.) spend way too much time looking for something to separate us instead of focusing on what can bring us together. It is very true that we are different. But in so many ways we are one and the same…


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