poppy moon

September 8, 2006 at 1:20 am (Uncategorized)

today as we were riding from khalil (hebron) to bethlehem a red moon pounced over the horizon of buildings and then disappeared behind al khader. i tried to call attention to the red moon to the other people in the service but rather than looking at the moon (which was hiding) everyone in the service starting talking about the atrocity that is al khader. a current land grab by the israeli government. i kept struggling to see the moon. when the moon finally reappeared it was paler and higher. not the color of blood and poppies. but the color of cream.

israeli military is building the seperation wall in the village of al khader. nearly half of the village will be taken by the wall including almost all of the agricultural land.

sometimes i am afraid that the moon will disappear forever. that it will see no reason to return. and i will not be able to see at night. and i will forget how to see.


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