September 8, 2006 at 1:06 am (lebanon, palestine, poetry, Uncategorized, west bank)

so this is the eloquent goodbye
this is the lost hallelujah
this is the forgotten lullabye
this is another reason to grow wings and fly

the fire next time
stars crying
fireworks sparks haling on head
bombs glass & abandoned caecasses of homes
pop music from lebanon
another name on map
gaza summer rain operations
surgically cutting into borders
of rivers lakes ehtnicities
creating new mines
illegal weapons
chemical spray
another lesson on geography
we spin inside bubbles
bubble pops–
water drenches fire
next time you and i
quiet fists in front of hearts
on front lines

im writing poems
no one will read
listening to songs
i will never learn to sing
cool overcast chicago
the war is over here
ghost losers
arrongan winners

air tastes from grilled limbs
to chemical seals

factories closed
nothing is made
people have forgotten
blood once rand down
bark of trees

never forget gaza
never forget lebanon
never forget palestine
never destroy names

there will always be palestinians
be dance be song be forgiveness
there will always be lovers, always
be brothers, always be the symbol of a gun
of an anthem
of a martyr
there will always be palestinians
those who struggle in laughter
place stronger than imagination
place wider than freedom
a window
a lamp
habibi and me

hard pressed glowing poppy
caught in pages of holy fairouz
old words straining through speakers
of rose-coloured radio
in caution-sign yellow taxi
as we curve over mountains
windows down
red moon rising
fingering wind and smoke
olive trees young caught in henna curls

this is the goodbye
that folds itself in a note
passed from thigh to thigh
in english class
winks from grey hijab
mobile phone buttons vibrating
softly another text message
after class
you and i
leave the way lovers should

questions that first brought
me to you
blue black words
that we have survived

this is the lost hallelujah
this si the forgotten lullabye
this another reason to grow wings
and fly away


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